The Halong Catamaran Premium Facilities

The Cruise

Exploring Halong Bay deserves an amazing yacht to enjoy the experience to its maximum potential. The Halong Catamaran offers a luxurious cruising experience with a strong commitment to service quality. Our luxury facilities have been artfully crafted by Vietnamese cultural symbols to make your stay comfortable and pleasant. Our facilities include outdoor/indoor restaurant seating, bar/lounge, a sundeck with sunbeds, couch and table seating indoors, as well as "lounge nets" in the front of the boat suspended over the water, between the two hulls of the ship for lounging in while you watch the water rushing below you.


The Halong Catamarans restaurant and bar are fully stocked to serve guests. The restaurant has been beautifully designed with wood and metal elements in uniquely Vietnamese motifs. The traditional design, lighting, and wooden furniture make for a gracious setting for dining indoors. The exceptional opportunity for outdoor dining (rare among the cruise offers in Ha Long Bay) is completed with an attractive rustic décor and charming lanterns, and imparts a feeling of harmony with nature.

On The Halong Catamaran, you will be served a set menu, an à la carte menu and buffet meals with a diverse selection of delicious traditional Vietnamese cuisine, and a small accompaniment of western dishes composed of a healthy balance of seafood, meats, vegetables and flavours. Our talented chef will entice your senses and completely satisfy both your taste buds and your stomachs.



Relaxing on sundeck deserves you an endless view of Halong Bay, it is the best location onboard to have a panorama photo of the bay. Best place for watching the sunset over, it is best to be on the sundeck, a higher place to capture a marvelous overview of nature. The Halong Catamaran allocate entirely the second floor for a spacious sundeck that you can enjoy such breathtaking view and shoot the best photos of Halong Bay.



The steel boat building process was carefully followed, inspected and became certified then registered with Local Authority at the highest level of safety standards. The marine safety equipment provided on board includes VHF Radio, GPRS, Water Ingress Alarm system, Fire Alarm System, Fire Extinguishers… In the public areas and tenders, all safety facilities and life jackets are provided in easy access places. The lighting system, fire alarm, and extinguishers, emergency use hammers are ready for use in public areas. On board, our crew members have followed safety training courses and have knowledge in dealing with an emergency. Before boarding, our staff will present safety information with clear guidance during your stay. A speed boat is available for support in the event of an emergency and local authority rescue teams stand by to help.

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